Yaxin Liu

Yaxin Liu

Postdoc fellow

Lab for Relational Cognition

About me

I am Yaxin (pronounced as Yak-sin). I am a developmental/cognitive scientist.

My research focuses on mental imagery and transofrmation, intuitive physics, and human-AI creativity. My main research topics include the following:

  • What are the governing principles that underlie the efficiency of visuospatial perception?
  • How is visual perception recruited in intuitive physics?
  • How does mental rotation develop? How robust are the gender differences? And how can we reduce gender differences?
  • How does spatial thinking serve creative visual cognition? How does creative cognition in spatial and language domains predict educational metrics?
  • Mental imagery
  • Intuitive physics
  • Computational modeling
  • Gender differences
  • PhD in Psychology, 2023

    Emory University

  • BSc in Psychology & Cognitive Science, 2017

    University of Toronto


Teaching Experience

Instructor of Record

Scholarly Inquiry and Research (Fall 2022)

Sex and Cognition (Summer 2022)

Lab Instructor

Probability and Statistics (Fall 2021)
Laboratory in Experimental Methods (Spring 2019, Spring 2022)

Teaching Assistant

Statistics with SPSS (Spring 2021)
Cognitive Development (Fall 2020)
Introduction to Psychobiology and Cognition (Fall 2018, 2019)


Here are some useful links for conducting online research.

Introduction to Prolific and Pavlovia for online testing